Call for New Pediatric Dialysis Task Force:

  • Do you want to ensure that your center is reporting accurate data in the context of the new pediatric ESRD add-on payment, but need more information?
  • Do you lead the dialysis program at your institution or are you interested in leading one and need help?
  • Do you wonder how other programs incorporate multidisciplinary care, new therapies, education, guidelines, and regulatory requirements?
  • Do you have an interest in connecting with others who do this work and feel similarly?

We are initiating a Pediatric Dialysis Task Force with the intent of providing a mechanism for like-minded pediatric nephrologists to share ideas, discuss program development, share best practices/protocols/educational resources and foster research collaboration. This group will be dedicated to highlighting and mitigating issues surrounding care of children receiving chronic dialysis for end-stage kidney disease. Specific aims are promoting recognition, ensuring quality of care, and optimizing reimbursement for the specialized and complex factors inherent in caring for this particular patient population.


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