Research Committee


Caroline Gluck


Jason Greenberg
Meredith Schuh

Quick Links
  • Identifies clinical and basic science research priorities in the pediatric nephrology community
  • Develops new strategies for encouraging and supporting research by our community
  • Serves as a task force for the ASPN Council for reviewing issues of research interest
  • Serves as liaison with other organizations (e.g. ASN, NIH) that promotes and support research
  • Contributes recommendations for symposia/workshops for ASPN annual meeting program consideration
  • Participates in any other activities related to supporting the research effort of the Society’s membership
  • Keep Membership informed of pediatric research funding opportunities

The Research Committee shall consist of 3 Council appointed Chairs (1 Chair & 2 Co-Chairs) not on Council, a Council Liaison and volunteer members. Chairs will serve 3 year staggered terms. Terms may be renewable at the discretion of the Council.

Thank you to former chairs:
2024 – Chia-shi Wang
2023 – Lyndsay Harshman
2022 – Michelle Denburg
2021 – Brad Dixon
2020 – Tammy Brady
2019 – Scott Wenderfer
2018 – Erum Hartung
2017 – Daryl Okamura
2016 – Jacqueline Ho
2015 – Kimberly Reidy
2014 – David Hains