The Quality and Payment (QP) Subcommittee is a small group comprised of leaders of the ASPN Public Policy and Clinical Affairs Committees, along with ASPN leadership. It serves as a “rapid response team” that functions in association with ASPN’s Washington Representative to:

Support the ASPN’s relationship with Kidney Care Partners (KCP), including:

  • reviewing all KCP documents that are relevant to the ASPN
  • participating in KCP activities to maintain KCP’s awareness of ASPN’s position on issues that may affect ASPN members and constituents; and
  • advising ASPN representatives on the KCP Board (the ASPN President, Chair of the QP Subcommittee, and Washington Representative) and the ASPN Council about recommended actions or positions for KCP initiatives.

Work with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on behalf of ASPN to develop mutual approaches to patient care that recognize and account for the special needs of pediatric kidney patients. Members of the QP Subcommittee will lead working groups of ASPN members to interact with their counterparts at CMS on such issues as:

  • principles determining Medicare payment;
  • collection, assessment and utilization of quality measures; and
  • assuring access to medical services for all children under our members’ care.