ASPN Foundation Named Travel Awards

The American Society of Pediatric Nephrology Foundation offers naming opportunities for trainee travel grants to important educational venues related to pediatric nephrology. Supporting educational opportunities to young pediatric nephrology trainees offers new clinical, educational and research insights, introduces trainees to the latest innovations, provides connections to leaders in the field of nephrology and inspires career development.

Trainee travel is a major educational initiative of the ASPNF. Donors who share our commitment to future nephrologists and wish to commit to the trainee travel initiative may establish an annual award in their name or in the name of someone whom they wish to honor. Travel awards are time-limited and may be renewed through future donations. A named travel award may be established for a contribution of either $3000 to provide a three-year trainee award or $5000 to support a five-year trainee award. These tax-deductible donations may be given in total at the initiation of the named award or through a pledge of annual giving during the life of the award.

Donors, if so interested, are encouraged to meet and mentor the trainees who receive their grant. Individuals interested in establishing a tax deductible named trainee travel award can contact

2021 Named Travel Awards:

  • Jose Strauss Pathway Travel Grant
  • The Ashoor Family Family Travel Award
  • The Barbara Cole, M.D. Travel Award
  • The Craig Langman Travel Award
  • The Dr. Sharon Andreoli Indiana University Travel Award
  • The Dr. Stanley Hellerstein Memorial Travel Award
  • The F. Bruder Stapleton Travel Award
  • The George Schwartz Research Travel Award
  • The Hymavathi Travel Award
  • The John Mahan Travel Award
  • The John Orak Memorial Travel Award
  • The Kevin and Shiralee Meyers Travel Award
  • The Michael Somers Travel Award
  • The Rick and Phyllis Kaskel Travel Award
  • The Victoria Norwood Travel Award