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Bonus Episode

The Sediment Episode 4
“Faculty Development giving you a headache? Or is it Hypertension?”

The final Episode brings together Division Chiefs, Presidents and eminent educators to discuss what our field looks like and what we should do to prepare the workforce of the future. But first, we chat with Dr. Brady and Dr. Flynn about Hypertension. Dr. Seo-Mayer, Dr. Verghese Dr. Mahan and Dr. Gibson discuss the sessions on leadership and research scholarship. We hear from our ASPN President Dr. Smith. We felicitate Dr. Norwood and Dr. Mattoo on receiving ASPN Founders Award and acknowledge all the awardees as we look back on a successful year at the Society.

THE SEDIMENT will return in 2024 bringing programming from ASPN 2024 Toronto, CA.

The Sediment Episode 3
“Clinical Nephrology-For the children living with kidney disease”

Episode 3 is the best podcast episode we recorded for The Sediment. It features two amazing families that are facing a life with kidney disease and we chat with them about their perspective on what nephrologists can do better. Dr. Amatya helps us understand how we can address symptoms of CKD like mood and sleep. Dr. Kakajiwala recaps the IV fluid session and we have so much fun figuring out who can speak the most languages!

The Sediment Episode 2
“Advances in Therapeutics for Kidney Diseases: The  Age of  Mabs”

Episode 2 brings a fascinating discussion with our guests Dr. Lane and Dr. Cody about Lupus Nephritis. Editor Dr. Garimella and Pediatric Nephrology Fellow Dr.Walawender discuss the session about advances in CKD diagnostics and therapeutics. We learn about BOB books, discover our love for Rick Riordan and speculate about writing as a career. There is lots of nephrology, don’t worry!

The Sediment Episode 1
“Look how far we have come, look how far we still need to go: The Ethics of caring for Neonatal Kidneys”

Kick off episode to ASPN23 with Program Chair Dr. Reidy -we explore all the great content ASPN had for us! Podcast Editor Dr. Garimella and Pediatric Nephrology Fellow Dr. Cadiz chat with panelists Dr. Atkinson, Dr. Hayde, Dr. House and Dr. Menon about prenatal counseling for CAKUT all the way up to Transplantation Frontiers for this vulnerable group of children. Along the way, we reflect on ethical dilemmas in the NICU and how to make outcomes improve for teenage transplant recipients.

ASPN 2022 Meeting Podcasts

In the final episode for 2022, we talk about the last day’s sessions with guests Dr Abbie Bauer,  Dr. Bradley Dixon, Dr. Namrata Jain and Dr. Katherine Perry. Hosted by Dr. Sudha Garimella.

Looking to the future of therapeutics for complement mediated diseases, we try to come up with way we can utilize current knowledge in patient care, discover  the experiences of our community as we cared for children with COVID-19 and get super excited about all the ways FGF-23 can impact kidney health! It is a short but sweet episode that I am sure you will love to listen to. Editing services provided by APMediaVision.

In Episode 3, The sediment podcast editor Dr. Sudha Garimella sits down with an all-star panel Dr. Brady, Dr. Flynn, Dr. Jones ,Dr. Menon, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Rheault and Dr. Verghese to talk about Day 3 of ASPN programming. We learnt about the Foundation’s work, heard about an update coming out for ABPM guidelines( no hints were given, sadly, about content) , pondered about the state of IgA clinical trials for children , got hot tips for starting up neonatal RRT , applauded the advances made in cystinosis therapy and had a very good discussion about women leadership and mentorship. And yes, we got all this done under an hour for your listening pleasure!

Episode 2 of The Sediment has Drs. Stella Shin and Sudha M hosting a wonderful conversation with Dr. Linda Hua, Dr. Elizabeth Spiwak Dr. Patricia Seo-Mayer and Dr. Andrew South . We discuss Racism and Becoming a JEDI warrior, how to be better at asking the right questions – be it about the mechanistics of hypertension, food insecurity or the use of Rituximab in nephrotic syndrome! Our panelists offer tips and advice on how to change our practice based on what we learnt at ASPN22 today! Editor: Dr. Sudha Garimella.

Day 1: Kick off episode to ASPN22 with Program Chair Dr. Selewski, Incoming President Dr. Smith, Communications committee chair Dr. Shin and the Leadership development Course Leader Dr. Mahan-we explore all the great content ASPN has for us!

ASPN 2021 Meeting Podcasts

The Sediment – Phase 1

Tonight, we set the stage for what to expect in the upcoming days at ASPN21. We chat with Dr. Pinsk about the challenges of setting up a virtual Program, Dr. Selewski tells us what he thinks is the future direction of research into kidney disease in children, Dr. Kupferman gives us insight into our social media outreach and Dr. Shin elaborates on all the great PAS lectures we should not miss.

Dr. Villegas and Dr. Garimella are your hosts for this episode. We ask our panelists to tell us a few fun facts about themselves (Hint: there will be Latin dancing in Denver!) Tune in!

Tonight, we chat with this year’s Barnett Award recipient- the wonderful Dr. John Mahan about Burnout, Resilience and….Yoga! Our critical care Symposia Chairs – Dr. Selewski and Dr. Menon join us for a lively discussion on critical care nephrology. Our CAKUT symposia Chairs Dr. Drake and Dr. Ho recap the Adrian Spitzer Lecture and Dr. Gupta moderates the discussion as we ponder over Machine Learning and yes, Dr. Selewski’s (non-existent) Twitter account!

Day 3 of the Meeting really gave us all a lot to think about. More data leads to the need for even more data! We talk about adherence issues especially for adolescent transplant populations with our Symposium Chairs: Dr. Amy Bobrowski, Dr. Scott McEwan, Dr. Jun Oh and Dr. Tray Hunley. Dr. Oh joined us from Germany (1 AM for him!) as our ESPN Representative. We talk about the H. William Schnaper, MD, Memorial Lectureship, the policy changes we need and what to make of it all with our hosts Dr. Stella Shin and Dr. Rebecca Hjorten.

Our special Guest is Dr. Pat Brophy (PAS Program Chair) and he is here to tell us how to get the most out of PAS. Plus, we ask him about the Brophy Trophy, his love for cats (not really!) and Hockey! Tune in now.

Tonight, ASPN President Dr. Michael Somers is in the house! He gives us a clue about how to get him on twitter, and we chat with him and Dr. Joseph Flynn (Zoom bombing us with style!) about our role as pediatric nephrologists during a Pandemic. We have Dr. Vikas Dharnidharka educating us about all things onco-nephrology. We delve into specifics of what we can be doing to improve the quality of life of children with CKD with Dr. Aviva Goldberg, Dr. Sarah Swartz and Dr. Aaron Wightman. Along the way, we discover more Hockey players and think about work-life balance for parents of twins.😊

Dr. Sudha Mannemuddhu is our host today and we had a wonderful time talking about Day 4 of the ASPN Conference.

It is the final day of Phase 1 Programming and The Sediment sets sail with the SHIP-AHOY study discussion with Dr. Don Batisky, Dr. Tammy Brady and Dr. Andrew South. We ponder over obesity associated hypertension, renovascular hypertension and ABPM as a “gold standard” and what it all means for our most vulnerable patients. Dr. Stephanie Jernigan recaps the Vasculitis session talks and we get excited about Bemulimumab and Voclosporin (just not about their spelling) and we discuss ADVOCATE trial results. Dr. Shatat joins us to talk about social media at ASPN, Dr. Maury Pinsk returns to tell us about Phase 2 and yes- we congratulate the winners of the research and clinical awards, Barnett awardees (2020 &2021) and a special mentor award for Dr. Furth. The panelists also named their favorite drinks but that will have to be in a different podcast!

See you all in Denver, folks!

The Sediment – Phase 2

The Sediment returns with a very special episode featuring four Barnett Award winners- Drs. Norwood, Mahan, Flynn and Warady describe both the past breakthroughs in pediatric nephrology and where they think we should concentrate our research efforts in the future. Dr. Dharnidharka talks about the man himself – Dr. Barnett! Drs. Sethna and Harshman talk about the ASPN clinical research workshop in Phase 2 that highlighted both the challenges and opportunities to get started in clinical research. Along the way, we have a lot of fun figuring out who is older, which is THE university, and of course, gorillas, dogs and parrots make an appearance as we wonder if we are actually THE American Society of Veterinary Medicine and Pediatric Nephrology!

The sediment signs off for 2021 with a great episode featuring Adam Weinstein, Bryan Carmody, Julia Steinke, Julie Goodwin, Roshan George and Maury Pinsk. Your hosts are Ashley Rawson and Sudha Garimella and we talk about all things Med Ed and QI.


ASPN 2019 Meeting Podcasts

In the first of three ASPN 2019 annual meeting podcasts, ASPN President Patrick Brophy, MD speaks with Gina-Marie Barletta, MD, Kim Reidy, MD, Jeffrey Kopp, MD, and Stella Shin, MD.  The group discusses the activities taking place during the first day of the Annual Meeting.

In the second of three ASPN 2019 annual meeting podcasts, Michelle Rheault, MD speaks with Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD, Erum Hartung, MD, and Donald Batisky, MD.  The group discusses the activities taking place during the second day of the Annual Meeting.

In the third of three ASPN 2019 annual meeting podcasts, Ibrahim F. Shatat, MD speaks with Joseph Flynn, MD, John Mahan, MD, and Jennifer Jetton, MD. The group discusses the activities taking place during the third day of the Annual Meeting.


ASPN 2017 Meeting Podcasts