Leadership Development Program 
Cohort #7 - Announcement 


Background: Leaders of professional societies such as the ASPN need specific skills to be able to negotiate the complex tasks of program development, personnel supervision, and dealing with outside constituencies and other organizations. These skills are also applicable to many other aspects of academic medicine and are commonly acquired after years of experience, perhaps also by specific training, and/or through trial and error. We believe that it is possible to intentionally develop future leaders of our Society by offering formal leadership development activities. This program will not only assist the ASPN in the development of future leaders but will also provide participants with important skills they will be able to utilize at their home institutions.


The ASPN leadership development program will enroll 12-15 ASPN members from the pool of applicants. The entire program will be completed over a one-year period. The curriculum will be spread out over 3 full-day sessions to take place in conjunction with scheduled meetings as follows: 

  • Session 1 – 2024 PAS - Toronto – May 2, 2024 
  • Session 2 – 2024 ASN - San Diego – Oct 23, 2024 
  • Session 3 – 2025 PAS - Honolulu – Apr 24, 2025 

The May 2024 session will consist of an opening seminar led by a past president of the ASPN, followed by a leadership development competencies session including a 360-degree multisource assessment led by an experienced executive trainer. The remaining topics will be covered during two final day-long sessions. Outside speakers from both industry and academia will be utilized as faculty for the remaining sessions. A mentored leadership project is part of the expectations of this program. 

The ASPN LDP sessions will be live. 


The successful applicant will be an ASPN member in good standing; an established record of ongoing service to the ASPN will be favorable in the selection process. The ASPN LDP Steering Committee will select the awardees. It is expected that awardees will be selected from a diverse group of institutions, geographic locations, and backgrounds. 

If selected, applicants must agree to participate in all elements of the Leadership Development Program (3 full days of training sessions and appropriate additional preparatory time) and must commit to serve the ASPN in the future as an active member of an ASPN Committee, Task Force, or Council. They may also be asked to present a summary of his/her experiences in the program at the ASPN Annual Meeting within one year of the experience.

Application process

Applicants must submit a completed application accessed here: 

  • The application includes demographic information and statements as to your interest in working with the ASPN; previous ASPN committee work; skills and knowledge you hope to obtain as a result of this opportunity; and how this experience can enhance your professional development and career. 
  • Have you completed a similar formal skills training program in the past? If so, please describe. 
  • CV 
  • Letter of support from your Division Chief or Department Chair as appropriate that addresses the following: 
  • interest and promise of the applicant in terms of leadership potential. 
  • commitment to provide the applicant, if successful, protected time to participate in the program and requisite ASPN LDP program activities. 

Program Costs: The ASPN Leadership Development Program is $500 for an accepted member. 

Submit your completed application by JANUARY 19, 2024.

Application Deadline: January 1, 2024.

Awards Selection Announced: February 5, 2024.

John D Mahan, MD, for the ASPN LDP Steering Committee 

ASPN LDP Cohort #5 2019-2020