Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Mission: The ASPN is the leading voice of pediatric nephrology in North America. Our primary goal is to advance care for children, adolescents, and young adults with kidney disease through advocacy, education, research, and workforce development.

Goal 1: Ensure a diverse, sustainable, and robust pediatric nephrology workforce.


  1. Strengthen and increase trainee interest in pediatric nephrology.
  2. Ensure clarity of fair compensation and advocate for the value of a pediatric nephrologist.
  3. Develop and disseminate opportunities and resources for workforce development.
  4. Strive to achieve a diverse, inclusive workforce that reflects the patient population for whom we care.
  5. Create and maintain robust tools and data practices to inform understanding of our contemporary workforce needs.

Goal 2: Position ASPN to be the leading voice of pediatric nephrology.


  1. Develop a diversified communications plan for society membership.
  2. Collaborate with external organizations to enhance ASPN’s profile
  3. Ensure ASPN activities and leadership reflect the diversity of our patients and membership.
  4. Advocate for resources to advance the field and support our members.

Goal 3: Advance the care for children and adolescents with kidney disease.


  1. Support providers in optimal care delivery.
  2. Promote and disseminate research related to pediatric kidney disease.
  3. Identify and reduce healthcare disparities related to pediatric nephrology .
  4. Partner with other kidney-space stakeholders (government, pharmaceutical companies)

Goal 4: Enrich the value of ASPN membership


  1. Create an environment that fosters diverse and inclusive member engagement.
  2. Optimize communication about pathways to society leadership positions.
  3. Provide mentorship in leadership, advocacy, and professional development.
  4. Develop robust educational resources and enhance opportunities for collaboration.

Goal 5: Ensure an infrastructure for ASPN to succeed in the future.


  1. Support the growth of the ASPN Foundation.
  2. Increase financial support for ASPN Foundation.
  3. Ensure appropriate staffing and technology resources to meet operational needs.
  4. Increase transparency of organizational structures and processes.
  5. Sustain and ensure and diverse and inclusive leadership structure.