History of American Pediatric Nephrology and Pediatric Department Chairs Panel Recording: Monday, June 21, 2021

Webinar Description: This was a discussion among pediatric nephrologists serving as current or past pediatric department chairs. Over the past 50 years, there has been a parallel development of the discipline of pediatric nephrology and sub-specialization of departments of pediatrics in the United States. Although divisions of pediatric nephrology have historically remained small (compared to neonatology, for example), the fraction of pediatric nephrologists becoming pediatric department chairs has been proportionately greater. Why?

The contemporary pediatric nephrologist managing complex patients has had to rely on the general pediatrician to share in their care, and to develop collegial relationships with the primary care system. They also develop close interactions with many subspecialties across pediatric and adult services, both inpatient and outpatient, and must negotiate with hospital administration, social services, and legislators. All of these factors are components of the job of department chair, and account for the disproportionate fraction of these positions being filled by pediatric nephrologists.

The pandemic has exposed the most severe shortcomings of the American health system, highlighting the fate of the populations served by pediatric nephrologists. Access to care, equity, and allocation of resources are key issues for today’s department chairs, and are integral to the evolving history of pediatrics and pediatric nephrology.

The panel discussed challenges and transitions that have faced the pediatric nephrologist-department chair in the 21st century, focusing on workforce, career development, and adaptation to the pandemic.

The ASPN Foundation History Project

In honor of the ASPN's 50th Anniversary, an archival history project is being conducted. So far more than 50 past ASPN leaders have been interviewed. Capturing the wealth of information and insights of these pioneers in pediatric nephrology is of the utmost importance.
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Interview Compilation Video Shown in May, 2018 at the ASPN 50th Anniversary Celebration in Toronto.

Carolyn Abitbol

Raymond Adelman, MD

Uri Alon, MD

Sharon Andreoli

Billy Arant, MD (Part 1)

Billy Arant, MD (Part 2)

Billy Arant, MD (Part 3)

Billy Arant, MD (Part 4)

Billy Arant, MD (Part 5)

Ellis Avner, MD

Jorge Balurte, MD

Oluwatoyin Bamgbola, MD

Sharon Bartosh, MD

Frank Boineau, MD

Eileen Brewer, MD

Patrick Brophy, MD

Timothy Bunchman, MD

James Chan, MD

Blanche Chavers, MD (Part 1)

Blanche Chavers, MD (Part 2)

Robert Chevalier, MD

Barbara Cole, MD

William "Gus" Conley, MD

Prasad Devarajan, MD

Vikas Dharniharka

Vikas Dharnidharka, MD, MPH

Allison Eddy, MD

Ewa Elenberg

Demitrius Ellis, MD (Part 1)

Demitrius Ellis, MD (Part 2)

Demitrius Ellis, MD (Part 3)

Bob Ettenger

Richard Fine, MD

Barbara Fivush, MD

Joseph Flynn, MD, MS

John Foreman, MD

Ron Frankel

Michael Freundlich, MD

Aaron Friedman, MD

Sue Furth, MD

Keisha Gibson, MD, MPH

Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD (Part 1)

Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD (Part 2)

Debbie Gipson

Carol Greifer

Carl Grushkin, MD

Julie Ingelfinger, MD

Julie Ingelfinger, MD (Part 2)

Stephanie Jernigan, MD

Pedro Jose, MD, PhD (Part 1)

Pedro Jose, MD, PhD (Part 2)

Elaine Kamil, MD

Bernard Kaplan, MB, BCh.

Clifford Kashtan, MD, FASN

Fredrick Kaskel, MD, PhD (Part 1)

Fredrick Kaskel, MD, PhD (Part 2)

Juan Kupferman, MD, MPH (Part 1)

Juan Kupferman, MD, MPH (Part 2)

Pascale Lane, MD

Craig Langman , MD

Roselin Lewy, MD

Robert Mak, MD, PhD

John Mahan, MD, PhD

Mohammed Malekzadeh, MD

Tej Matoo, MD

Mike Mauer (Part 1)

Mike Mauer (Part 2)

Paul McEnery, MD

Paul McEnery, MD (Part 2)

Paul McEnery, MD (Part 3)

Alfred Michael, MD (Part 1)

Alfred Michael, MD (Part 2)

Alfred Michael, MD (Part 3)

Alfred Michael, MD (Part 4)

Marva Moxey-Mims, MD

Victoria Norwood, MD

Donald Potter, MD

William Primack, MD

Norm Rosenblum, MD

Isrido Salusky, MD

Matt Sampson, MD

Lisa Satlin, MD

H. William Schnaper, MD (Part 1)

H. William Schnaper, MD (Part 2)

H. William Schnaper, MD (Part 3)

George Schwartz, MD (Part 1)

George Schwartz, MD (Part 2)

Michael Somers

William Smoyer, MD

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 1)

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 2)

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 3)

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 4)

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 5)

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 6)

Adrian Spitzer, MD (Part 7)

Tarak Srivastava, MD

F. Bruder Stapleton, MD

Louisa Strauss

Katherine Twombley

Tetyana Vasylyeva

Bradley Warady, MD

Steven Wassner, MD

Sandra Watkins, MD

Adam Weinstein, MD (Part 1)

Adam Weinstein, MD (Part 2)

Gaston Zilleruelo, MD