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The Transplant Interest Group of ASPN has collected numerous documents related to pediatric kidney transplantation that are meant to be resources to facilitate education in the area of pediatric kidney transplantation.   These resources are anticipated to be utilized by pediatric nephrology fellows, fellowship program directors and junior faculty.  These documents are not meant to be all inclusive of education available in this area and are meant to be an evolving resource with regular additions and updates.

In addition to the resource documents we have also included a pediatric nephrology fellowship transplant curriculum that is meant to highlight important areas to cover.

Lastly, we have included a copy of the UNOS primary pediatric kidney transplant physician requirements to allow those who are interested to attempt to complete their requirements during their fellowship.  With these requirements we have included an excel file to facilitate documentation of completion of the requirements in a format that is UNOS application compatible.

If there are additional documents that are knows of with relevance and importance to the field that should be considered for addition please contact Sharon Bartosh at  We appreciate your efforts and additions and comments.

Please click the link below to access educational materials acquired and organized by the Transplant Interest Group Leadership.

ASPN Transplant Interest Group

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