Chair - Lieuko Nguyen, MD
Co-Chair - Jens Goebel, MD
Co-Chair - Marisa Juarez-Calderon, MD


  • To establish the qualifications and the rights for different classes of ASPN members (Active member, Associate member, Emeritus member, Affiliate member and Trainee member), and to provide the Council with their recommendations
  • To evaluate submitted applications for membership to ASPN, and to forward recommendations to the Council for final approval
  • To work with other ASPN committees and professional societies to develop programs that would be valuable to ASPN members
  • To widen the membership and advocate for ASPN members


The Membership Committee shall consist of 3 Council appointed Chairs (1 Chair & 2 Co-Chairs) not on Council, a Council Liaison and volunteer members and should include 4 to 5 Affiliate Members. Chairs will serve 3 year staggered terms. Terms may be renewable at the discretion of the Council.

ASPN Membership Videos

Video 1: What are the benefits of ASPN Membership?

Video 2: What was a situation where membership helped you in your career path?

Video 3: How does ASPN help you to fulfill your role as a pediatric nephrologist?

Committee Leadership Resources

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