2022-23 Strategic Plan Tactics

Please fill out the below form with your completed thoughts as a committee for the tactics you have developed together by Monday, February 20, 2023.

Examples from Prior Strategic Plan:

GOAL: Enrich the value of membership in ASPN
STRATEGY 1: Maximize opportunities and support for professional networking and leadership


i) Enhance networking opportunities at meetings other than the ASPN Annual meeting where a significant number of ASPN members participate – Council, Ongoing
ii) Ensure the intensive leadership development program remains a recurring, biannual ASPN activity – Council, Ongoing
iii) Enlist affiliate members to determine how to enhance utilization and benefits of ListServe – Membership Committee, Ongoing
iv) Conduct workshops on career development and leadership at the ASPN Annual meeting – Program Committee, Medium-term
v) Develop support materials and a mentoring program for new Division Directors – Workforce Committee, Short-term