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Nuclear medicine imaging scan from back, showing a left pelvic kidney

KUB showing Prune Belly abdomen

Prenatal ultrasound showing distended bilateral renal hydronephrosis and distended urinary bladder (12 o’clock)

MRI image left kidney proximal ureter dilatation

CT scan showing bilateral renal cysts (arrows) in normal sized kidneys

CT scan coronal view with left ureter 2 mm stone (arrow)

MRI coronal view angiomyolipomas or hamartomas of tuberous sclerosis in right kidney

MRI image of left kidney lower pole angiomyolipoma of tuberous sclerosis

Calyceal Diverticulum on MRU

   Right anterior calyceal diverticulum on functional MR Urography. Top left side shows a T2 weighted image (no contrast) where fluid is bright, top right image is 10 min post-contrast on axial plane, and bottom images are a coronal views showing filling of diverticulum on dynamic phase. Images courtesy of Hansel Otero, …


Early radiographic changes on left knee X-ray in an infant with hypophosphatemic rickets. There is decreased mineralization of the long bones and splaying, or widening, at the distal femur and proximal tibia, where the metaphyses are …

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Large neuroblastoma above left kidney CT scan coronal view

Large neuroblastoma mass above left kidney, distorting its …

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Left kidney neuroblastoma sagittal image

This image shows a large neuroblastoma mass at upper pole of left kidney, distorting its …

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Acute pyelonephritis on CT scan with contrast sagittal view

CT scan axial view with contrast showing right kidney upper pole defects, consistent with acute …

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