Dear ASPN members:

We are very excited  to share with you the initiation of the Quality Improvement (QI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Special Interest Group.


The ASPN QI/AI Special Interest Group endeavors to be a focal point where enthusiasts in Quality Improvement and Artificial Intelligence converge, share, and enrich their knowledge and skills. Our vision encompasses fostering an environment that catalyzes innovation, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination in QI and AI, thereby enhancing the impact and reach of ASPN in these pivotal areas. The mission of our group is to empower ASPN members through providing comprehensive resources, enabling collaboration on meaningful projects, and thus, facilitating the assimilation and implementation of QI and AI initiatives within your respective institutions.


Whether you are contemplating a start in QI, seeking collaborative opportunities, or exploring projects to introduce at your institution, our QI/AI Special Interest Group provides a robust platform to facilitate these pursuits. Similarly, for those venturing into the exciting realm of AI and desiring to collaborate on pioneering projects, our group aspires to be your gateway to knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.


We earnestly look forward to your active participation, as we endeavor together to navigate the realms of Quality Improvement and Artificial Intelligence, steering ASPN towards new horizons of excellence and innovation.


We eagerly await the prospect of exploring the transformative worlds of ASPN QI and AI together with you all.


Please email Arwa ( & Aadil ( if you are interested in joining the group.

Should you have any queries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.