Benjamin Laskin (2017) -

Christine Sethna (2018) -
Adam Weinstein (2019) -

Council Liaison
Stuart Goldstein

Carolyn Abitbol (2017)
Alisa Acosta (2018)
Sun-Young Ahn (2018)
Joann Carlson (2018)
Ewa Elenberg (2018)
Leonard Feld (2017)
Aaron Friedman (2017)
Charu Gupta (2018)
Sandra Iragorri (2018)
Eunice John (2018)
Gaurav Kapur (2018)
Robin Kremsdorf (2018)
Juan Kupferman (2018)
John Mahan (2017)
Michelle Mills (2018)
Christina Nguyen (2018)
Lynn Puma (2018)
Alyssa Riley (2018)
Rebecca Ruebner (2018)
Sheena Sharma (2018)
Brian Stotter (2017)
Jordan Symons (2018)
Katherine Twombley (2018)


  1. Assess the educational needs of the ASPN membership.
  2. Assess ongoing efforts by other ASPN committees related to member education, including the success of these efforts in meeting the members' needs as identified in #1.

Both of these will involve reaching out to other ASPN Committees involved in some way in member education, including (but not limited to) Maintenance of Certification, Membership, and the Practice Management sub-committee of Clinical Affairs.

  1. Continue the bi-annual board review course and update as needed.
  2. Work collaboratively with the planners of the Annual Multidisciplinary Meeting to ensure that affiliate members' needs are being met.
  3. Develop additional materials to address the educational needs of ASPN members.
  4. Determine whether such materials may be an appropriate means of enhancing ASPN income.
  5. A variety of free CME/educational resources are currently available from other sources (ASN, industry-sponsored CME, etc.). The committee should therefore assess pertinent choices and make them accessible in one location for the ASPN membership. The committee may consider rating the value of such offerings for the membership. These efforts will require collaboration with the Communications committee.

The Committee shall consist of members appointed by Council.

No limit 

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