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1. The content of the link should share the goals of ASPN in enhancing the practice and educational advancement of pediatric nephrology.

2. ASPN does not endorse or approve opinions expressed in the website link and will not be responsible for the content of the hyperlink. The website link must contain accurate, trustworthy, and science-based information. ASPN reserves the right to review the content of the link and remove the hyperlink, if necessary.

3.The content of the website link should not contain any advertisement, commercials or copyrighted images without permission from the copyright holder. The website link should not contain any text or graphics which are abusive, derogatory, offensive, defamatory or illegal.

4.The website must be updated quarterly and should indicate when it was last updated.

5. Any site requesting a hyperlink to the ASPN website should send a description of the link to Any user of the ASPN website who notices an outdated or invalid hyperlink should send an e-mail to

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