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Advocacy Scholars Program 

The ASPN is delighted at the growth of its partnership with the John E. Lewy Fund for Children’s Health. Generously initiated by the Lewy family as a living remembrance of Dr. Lewy’s dedication to pediatric nephrology, pediatric advocacy and education, and the advancement of science, the Fund enhances and expands the ASPN missions of teaching, learning, discovery, and responsibility.

Dr. Lewy was a founding member of the ASPN and served as its President in 1980-81. He was the recipient of the ASPN Founder’s Award in 2000. In addition to excellence as a clinical nephrologist and researcher, Dr. Lewy trained hundreds of pediatricians during his tenure as Chair of Pediatrics at the Tulane University School of Medicine from 1978 – 2004. His advocacy for children spanned the spectrum from local to global health affairs, and he had recently completed his term as Chair of the Committee for Federal Government Affairs of the AAP at the time of his death.

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The Advocacy Scholar's Program, is proceeding splendidly. This program, designed to develop leaders with specific expertise in governmental processes affecting children's health care and advocacy for pediatric nephrology is now in it's third successful year. Thanks to our hard working Scholars we encourage you to visit the ASPN’s Fiscal Cliff Toolkit. Here you will find information and links about the fiscal cliff, ASPN’s position, and a call to action to contact your elected officials urging them to avoid the cliff.
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In the coming year, the Board of Directors will continue to plan new efforts, and we welcome any suggestions that you might have as to how we might continue this important work. Using the strength of tax-exempt contributions from ASPN members, private donors, industry, and other partners, the Fund will continue to grow activities in support of advocacy and science.

There are doubtless many other possibilities for the Fund to explore that would both further the mission of the ASPN and also honor Dr. Lewy’s boundless initiative, persistence, and mentorship.

Let us work together to draw on the legacy of one of pediatric nephrology’s true leaders to create a stronger future for the children in our care.




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