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Leadership Development Program

Leaders of professional societies such as the ASPN need a specific skill set to be able to negotiate the complex tasks of program development, personnel supervision, and dealing with outside constituencies and other organizations. These skills are also applicable to many other aspects of academic medicine and are commonly acquired after years of experience, perhaps also by specific training, or through trial and error. We believe that it is possible to intentionally develop future leaders of our Society by offering a leadership development curriculum. This program not only assists the ASPN in development of future leaders, but also gives the participants important skills that they will be able to utilize at their home institutions. Sessions emphasize individual leadership practices and take advantage of expertise from speakers from both industry and academia.

Each year, 12-15 ASPN members are awarded spots in this competitive leadership development program. The program is completed over an approximately one-year period and during 3 full-day sessions in conjunction with scheduled national meetings.

The Leadership Development Program costs more than $5000 to administer each year, and attendees are asked to pay only $100 for the course. Your tax deductible gift would help ensure that this key stepping stone for emerging leaders in the field of Pediatric Nephrology will continue to be available to ASPN members for years to come.

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