ASPN Dues Payment Policy

Annual dues statements will be sent out by September 1st for the following calendar year – January thru December.

Dues must be paid in full by December 31st, after which failure to remit dues will result in lapse of membership and loss of membership privileges.

A member whose membership has lapsed for nonpayment of dues and who seeks reinstatement shall be required to pay dues for the current year in which reinstatement is sought. If membership reinstatement is requested less than one year after lapse of membership, the renewing member will be asked to update his/her information. If reinstatement is requested more than one year after lapse of membership for failure to pay dues, the applicant will be required to complete a new membership application.

Membership Categories and fees are:

Members must be in good standing in order to submit or sponsor abstracts submitted to the ASPN/PAS annual meeting, to submit individuals for membership, and to review abstracts.

Graduating Fellows Fees:
Newly graduated fellows will have the opportunity to join as active members for the remainder of the dues year ending December 31 for a reduced fee of $50. Notice for these one time reductions will be sent via email on March 31 and June 15 with a return date of July 15. Regular membership rates will apply there after with the first billing in September.

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