Expectations of Council Members

  1. To adhere to the ASPN standards of conduct and ethics including, but not limited to, policies on conflicts of interest.
  2. To work to fulfill the mission of the ASPN with respect to promoting the optimal care of children with kidney disease and advancing our profession.
  3. To attend the annual Council and business meetings at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting, the annual Council summer meeting, and the annual Council and business meetings at the American Society of Nephrology’s meeting.
  4. To participate in at least 70% of Council conference calls.
  5. To serve as an active member of at least one standing ASPN committee and serve as a co-chair or liaison to the Council for that committee.
  6. To serve as an advocate for ASPN in its efforts to increase financial support for its operations.
  7. To work closely with the central office and provide guidance and support to its staff as needed.
  8. To remain informed about ASPN business, mission and operations, including review of minutes, financial statements and all other materials distributed to Council members.
  9. To actively participate in, and take responsibility for, the decision-making process regarding organizational and policy issues and other matters appropriate for decision by the Council.
  10. To actively participate in oversight of ASPN’s finances, including participation in budget development, budget approval, annual audit review/acceptance, and review of investments and overall investment plan.
  11. To act in the best interests of the ASPN in accordance with the standards of care and loyalty to which the Council is subject under state and federal law.
  12. If unable to fulfill the above responsibilities, to consult with the President and Council leadership to reconsider continued membership on the Council, and to offer his or her resignation in the event that these expectations cannot be met.