This part of the ASPN web site is established by the ASPN Therapeutics Development Committee (TDC) to support the development and conduct of clinical trials in pediatric nephrology and beyond. It is open to the public to provide the pediatric research community with information on planning and conducting clinical trials. We plan to regularly update both this explanation and the content contained herein.

Toward these ends, we are posting two figures from an article about the TDC, recently accepted by Pediatric Research (Schnaper, et al, Pediatric Research, in press). Figure 1 shows the approach to clinical trials as defined by pediatric nephrologists. Figure 2 shows a similar approach from the point of view of industry. While these figures are static, we plan in the near future to make them dynamic, so that in selecting and clicking on a box in the figure, the searcher can bring up information describing how to conduct an activity or obtain contact information for people or agencies that can facilitate that activity.

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