Broadcast Email Guidelines

The ASPN is receiving an ever increasing number of requests to distribute blast e-mail announcements and surveys from members of the Society. While blast e-mails are an efficient means of rapid communication, the ASPN does not want to overload its members' e-mail boxes with too many blast e-mails, which take up server space and ultimately may be viewed as an imposition. Blast e-mails from the Society should first and foremost, contain information that aligned with and advances the mission of the Society. To ensure that all members of the Society are treated fairly and equitably, and to maintain the integrity and value of e-mail communications from ASPN, email requests for distribution of information and surveys from individual members will be handled according to the following policy:

“Single” one time blast e-mails will be sent from the ASPN Office to communicate to the membership:

1) Time-sensitive announcements and requests for input that cannot wait for inclusion in the bi-monthly e-newsletter, KIDney Notes. In general, newsworthy items should be forwarded to the Executive Secretary of the ASPN, and will be communicated through the KIDney Notes newsletter.

2) Only surveys developed by, or with the involvement of, ASPN committees and task forces aimed at securing information directly relevant to the Society's mission and agenda.

3) Starting November 1, 2016, distribution of surveys through ASPN developed by a member without the involvement of an ASPN committee or task force will no longer be supported.


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