ASPN Founders’ Award


In 1996, the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ASPN) began bestowing a Founders’ Award at the annual ASPN meeting. The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have made a unique and lasting contribution to the field of pediatric nephrology. Nominations are received from the membership. The recipient is selected by an Awards Committee composed of the ASPN President, two past presidents, who are not currently on the Council and three at large members appointed by Council. In addition to being recognized at the annual meeting, the recipient of the Founders’ Award receives a cash donation to be used at his/her discretion, 2 nights lodging, free registration and round trip airfare to the annual meeting.

Nominations must be received from any active member of the ASPN no later than December 20.

Candidates must fulfill the following conditions:

Must be an active or honorary member of the ASPN
Must be greater than 55 years of age
Must have made significant clinical, scientific and/or leadership contributions to the field of pediatric nephrology
Must have contributed significantly to the ASPN by promoting its activities to assure a continuing role for its members in science as well as in specialized health care for children with kidney disease.

Nominations should include curriculum vitae from the nominee and a letter describing the individual's contribution.
Nominees will be reconsidered for the Founders’ Award, without the need for re-nomination, for five years after their initial nomination.
Nominations should be mailed, faxed or emailed to the ASPN Office at the addresses below.

ASPN Founders’ Award Recipients
2017 Sharon Perlman, M.D. and Sandra Watkins, M.D.- Current Recipients
2016 Ellis Avner, M.D. and Frederick Kaskel, M.D., Ph.D
2015 Aaron L. Friedman, MD
2014 Robert L. Chevalier, M.D.
2013 William Harmon, M.D. and José Strauss, M.D.
2012 Julie R. Ingelfinger, M.D.
2011 F. Bruder Stapleton, M.D.
2010 Eileen D. Brewer, M.D.
2009 Jean Robillard, M.D. and Fred G. Smith, Jr., M.D.
2008 Robert L. Vernier, M.D. and Clark D. West, M.D.
2007 Richard N. Fine, M.D.
2006 Barbara R. Cole, M.D. and Adrian Spitzer, M.D.
2005 Russell W. Chesney, M.D.
2004 Billy S. Arant, Jr., M.D.
2003 Alan B. Gruskin, M.D.
2002 Norman J. Siegel, M.D.
2000 John E. Lewy, M.D.
1999 Jay Bernstein, M.D.
1998 Chester M. Edelmann , Jr., M.D.
1997 Malcolm A. Holliday, M.D.    
1996 Ira Greifer, M.D.

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