PEDKID Listserv

PEDKID Listserv – a listserv for nurses, nurse practitioners, child life specialists, dieticians, social workers and other professionals working in the field of pediatric nephrology

The ASPN has created PEDKID, a listserv for its affiliate members (nurses, nurse practitioners, child life specialists, dieticians, social workers). This listserv will provide a forum for exchanging ideas, which we believe will ultimately benefit our patients.

PEDKID is part of ASPN's ongoing efforts to increase the value of membership for our affiliate members. Affiliate membership in the ASPN costs $35, and many division directors pay this fee. Please encourage your affiliate members to join the ASPN: ../membershipsvcs.cfm . In addition to the listserv, a regional conference for affiliate members will occur in the fall of 2013.

Affiliate members can join the listserv by sending an e-mail to Lisa Thompson at  The affiliate member must provide his/her name, e-mail address, institutional affiliation, and role (e.g., social worker, nurse).

The ASPN wants to thank Andrew Aronson for creating and maintaining this listserv, along with all of his other service to our community.

Participation in the listserv is open to all non-physicians caring for pediatric nephrology patients. In January of 2014, participation will be restricted to affiliate members of the ASPN.